A downloadable game for Windows

The Space Dream VR Demo is a space-themed Virtual Reality Music Visualizer.

It is an exploration of Visual art and Music. Many describe it to be more like a technological drug trip than merely a game!



With trillions of blades of grass, a six-hundred-thousand particle galaxy, and ultra detailed textures on every surface, Space Dream VR makes use of the next-generation technology of Unreal Engine 4.

Music Visualization

Play your own music using any program, and the Space Dream VR Demo will detect it and make the environment react to the sound waves!

Hardware Support

  • Virtual Reality and Desktop Modes
  • HTC Vive Support.
  • Gamepad Support for both VR and Desktop modes.

Motion Sickness Awareness

  • Teleportation mode for those who suffer from motion sickness
  • Flying mode for those who want the full experience

Note: This does not currently support the Oculus Rift, but support is coming soon!

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Install instructions

For more detailed Support, please visit our Support Page.

Installation Instructions

1.) Extract the Folder

To Install, simply extract the SpaceDream Demo folder from the SpaceDream Demo.rar file with WinRar or any appropriate Unzipping program to a destination of your choice.

2.) Play Some Music!

Before running the SpaceDreamVR Demo, Play some music from any source on your computer.
The Demo will automatically detect the music that is playing and apply Music Visualization effects within the game.

3.) Run the Exe

Go back to the folder you extracted and double click on SpaceDreamVR Demo.exe

Optional - Desktop Shortcut

Right click on SpaceDreamVR Demo.exe. > Send To > Desktop (Create Shortcut)


To Download, please visit the Space Dream VR Webpage at the following link

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